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Keyboard and Mouse

New Release

Rescue Me:
BETWEEN THE LIES (Book 3) 06-11-2023

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The new job. Ninety degrees outside, no air conditioning inside a hot box warehouse shipping out online orders. Mina's lead wears long sleeves while everyone else runs around in barely appropriate dress code. Slide of hand secret handshakes, keywords, and meetings behind closed office doors, Mina's promise to stay out of trouble is crumbling. She is focused on the one woman who reaches out with kindness. Mina sees, hears, and feels her pain between the lies.

A green rookie team and a drug case land in Mac's lap. An online order winds up with drugs that hospitalized a child. Was it someone's stash that accidentally dropped into the shipment, or is someone using the online service as a front to send out their stash to line their own pockets? Mac wants answers for the family, which means sending the new team across the different shifts. The biggest problem is that orders ship out from Mina's new job. Can they close the case without attracting her attention or putting her in danger?

Coming soon!


Rescue Me is an incredible book. Another one of Andi's, great imagination and like true stories! The real trafficking is so sad, but this book is another one you don’t want to put down! You just want to keep reading to see what happens next. The characters are life-like and seem so real; it’s like a true story. I love Mouse! Being a courageous young girl that is smart, I like when she goes on the rooftops to hide from bad people. Andis books are wonderful to read can’t wait for the next one ……

Carol McAffee, Beta Reader


Praise & Reviews

I enjoyed it (Rescue Me). Of course, the final pages are the biggest page-turner. I thought Mouse and JP clicked very well. They were able to read each other pretty quickly after meeting, even though she didn't trust him. I really enjoyed the book. Cannot wait for more.

-Kimberly Arends, 

Beta Reader


"Rescue Me is a fictional tale of real-life tragedy and triumph of spirit. It's an emotional roller coaster with a riveting  storyline."

–Daphne V. Smith, Coach, Speaker, Author of What's Your Scarlet Letter

Grifith’s voice tells the story of all women “The Seattle Post Review”


Upcoming Events

Follow the countdown to the release of RESCUE ME.

December 17th, 2021, starts the Countdown of 25days to the launch date of RESCUE ME. We'll share music that reflects the story of Mouse, character bios, and more. Follow us on Facebook.

Tuesday, January 11, 2022, is International Human Trafficking awareness day, and the LAUNCH of RESCUE ME. We're so excited to have you join us.

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About Andi Pray

Andi Pray grew up in the blustery wide-open space of Wyoming until the wind blew her to Ohio. She has always believed in unicorns and fairies, dreaming of going on Goonie adventures suited up in the Full Armor of God, and her favorite color is rainbow. Andi writes from her heart and empathy. She has a heart for those pushed to the side and ignored. The subject of human trafficking became a passion after going to a women’s conference that turned her writing focus around. Now she wants to take a challenging, uncomfortable issue into the world to let the unknowns be known.


Andi Pray

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