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Haunting Footsteps 2010

A Novel 

Twenty-five-year-old Kinsey Berkley returns home with a complete make-over, including her mother’s maiden name, to face her worst nightmare. Her high school sweetheart never let go, her pastor plays cupid, and a stalker who wants to take away her ten-year-old daughter. How can she hold everything together?

Victor sees right through Kinsey’s changes. He sees her fear as she tries so hard to regain her strength. He wishes she would lean on him as the secrets unravel, but when Victor's past catches up to him, will it push Kinsey further away?

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'Till Death Do Us Part: Annie  (2012)

A Novel

Kidnapping, fraud, and removing evidence from a crime scene are all federal offenses, but Cody Damez will stop at nothing to know the truth locked inside the mind of his Little Orphan Annie.


Annie wakes up in a hospital with no memory, identification, or anywhere to go. She is told she is married to one man, but her nightmares haunt another. Lives will be in danger when the truth comes out.

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Rescue Me

Series Debut

Leaving the streets can be deadly.


Everybody needs to be rescued from something.


Mouse only remembers her life on the streets and the hard lessons it has taught. Trust no one outside of the Family and Family first. When she is seen taking a child out of the neighborhood in broad daylight, a clean slate order is given. As soon as the new batch of girls arrives, a new underground empire of sexual exploitation will be built. Mouse is public enemy number one with a target on her back.


FBI Special Agent JP Walker is part of a specialized task force against human trafficking. Silas Blaine has been on his radar to take down, and with the whisper of the name "Mouse," he may have found his key to breaking up one of the largest exploitation rings. Opening up a hornet's nest to more powerful connections.


Can he gain the trust of the elusive Mouse in time to save her and her family she refuses to leave without?


Bring a Mouse character doll home.
All dolls come with a HANDMADE WITH LOVE button. Mouse comes with a dark-colored outfit and a bright change of clothing. Results may vary, and due to material supplies color choices are not available.
2 dolls for $50 where one is sent to you and an identical doll goes to a child either in a shelter or foster care. ($70 value)
1 doll for $35 sent directly to you. 

1 doll and a signed paperback of Rescue Me $40 (a $50 value) 

Signed Copy

Rescue Me: Mina

A Novel July 30th 2022

Continue JP Walker's adventures of finding more children lost in the world of exploitation.

Vintage Keyboard

Coming soon


Andi Pray

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