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December News Letter

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Happy Holidays from Andi Pray Welcome to the Museletter December 2021 Rescue Me January 11, 2022 The Countdown Continues January 11, 2022, is quickly approaching. We’re so excited to share with you the cover design.

Mouse is looking for people who want to help spread the word about the launch of her story. If you’re interested in helping, please email, join the Facebook launch party countdown, or request to join our Rescue Me Porch Time Brainstorm private group. Special events · December 17, 25 Day Countdown to the Launch Day begins · Merry Christmas. Many blessings to you and your family. · Happy New Year. May you have a fresh beginning. · January 11, 2022, the long-awaited release to RESCUE ME launch party Spotlight Author Daphne V Smith Check out our review of Daphne V Smith’s What’s Your Scarlet Letter?

The long wait is almost over I have been working on Rescue Me for over a year. 2020 shutdown did help as it gave me time to flesh out the characters. I started with a story I was so excited about, and then I spider web brainstormed off of it. The original piece is like the fifth or more novel in the series. It’s crazy how timelines in a writer’s mind can be like the string theory in Quantum Leap. There’s the linear line of our characters’ lives. The story knots, squiggles, and jumps forward or backward depending on where the voices in our head are going. Now Rescue Me’s debut story is releasing January 11, 2022. It’s an amazing and scary reality. In my early teens, part of a sermon I heard shook me. “If a young woman off the streets came into our church wearing nothing but her corset and go-go boots, she would be welcome to join us.” Throughout most of my life, the television was my nanny and music my guardian. This was a totally different message than what the shows/lyrics/videos taught, but it made so much sense. From my perspective and time in the Bible, Jesus showed us how important it is to treat everyone with respect. See my blog on the “Good Samaritan” on my Facebook page and join our launch team. Author, Speaker, Coach Daphne V Smith brings healing and encouragement. Review done with permission

What’s Your Scarlet Letter? You may be familiar with Nathaniel Hawthorne’s classic tale, The Scarlet Letter, where a woman who becomes pregnant while having an affair is made to wear a bright red A on her clothing to display her shame. Daphne shows that there is healing past the scarlet letters the world sees in our lives, or the ones we carry in our minds from our past, our insecurities, or our perspective of how others may see us if they knew what lies beneath. From Daphne’s life story of trauma to other women sharing their pain and their different paths in life, this author helps you recognize your trigger, repressed feelings, and memories, work through the grieving and reclaim your voice in life.

People carry a lot of weight in their lives, from infidelity, abortion, miscarriage, molestation, or the pressure to be perfect in some occupation or another. Daphne encourages them to be wavemakers and chain breakers. To be free from the past and help others step into their new futures. “There may or may not be fire involved.”

“You will be able to stop subjecting yourself to abuse and being to heal. For those like myself who were or are minimizing, turning a blind eye, justifying, and/or covering up the abuse, this can be a painful and frightening first step.” Quoted from What’s Your Scarlet Letter?

I chose to review and feature Daphne because I believe in her strength to share her story to help others. Also, What Your Scarlet Letter? goes hand in hand with Rescue Me. Though Rescue Me is a fictional series, it deals with real-life issues of human exploitation and healing. Those who wear their scarlet letter that society places on them. What’s Your Scarlet Letter? can help those exploited find a fresh path in life.

What’s Your Scarlet Letter is available at in paperback, Kindle, hardback, and audio. Daphne does the audio narration and it feels like a friend is sitting with you, sharing your favorite drink, and giving sound advice. You can also find your physical copies at Walmart, Barnes & Noble, or visit her website.

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